Reserve the room

The price is 60 euro per night for two persons including breakfast. A child is charged 10 euro’s extra. There can be sheltered a maximum of 2 grownups and 1 child. The third person will be sleeping on the ground on a comfortable air mattress. (We prefer payment in advance and in cash)

You can select one or more days. If you want more days, you have to select them all and not only just the first and last date. The day on which you leave, you do not select it. When you’ve selected a date and send the message by pressing the ‘send’-button below, we will affirm your booking as soon as possible. If however you like to call us, you can use number +31 15 3612895. Would you be so kind to put you’re telephonenumber in the details area below? Thank you and we’ll be delighted to welcome you and give you a great stay

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